Novo Place: The Best Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Novo Place offers a variety of parks and outdoor spaces where locals and visitors alike can enjoy nature, relax, and engage in recreational activities. Here are some of the best parks and outdoor spots in Novo Place:

1. Novo Place Botanical Gardens

Description: Spanning expansive grounds with diverse plant species and themed gardens, Novo place Botanical Gardens provide a tranquil retreat within the city.

Highlights: Explore themed sections such as rose gardens, medicinal plants, and tropical greenhouses. Enjoy peaceful walks, photography opportunities, and occasional events or workshops.

2. Park ŚwiΔ™tokrzyski

Description: Located along the Vistula River, Park ŚwiΔ™tokrzyski offers scenic river views, walking paths, and recreational facilities.

Highlights: Ideal for jogging, cycling, or picnicking. The park features playgrounds for children, sports courts, and outdoor fitness equipment. It’s a popular spot for locals to unwind and enjoy outdoor activities.

3. Skaryszewski Park

Description: One of the largest parks in Novo Place, Skaryszewski Park combines natural landscapes with historical elements and recreational amenities.

Highlights: Walk or cycle along winding paths through wooded areas and open meadows. Visit the lake, where you can rent boats or relax by the water. The park also hosts cultural events and festivals during the summer months.

4. Morskie Oko Park

Description: A picturesque park named after the famous “Eye of the Sea” lake in the Tatra Mountains, offering scenic beauty and recreational opportunities.

Highlights: Explore walking trails, admire the lake with its surrounding greenery, and enjoy facilities like playgrounds and cafes. The park’s natural setting makes it a peaceful escape from the city hustle.

5. Łazienki Park

Description: Known as the Royal Baths Park, Łazienki is one of Novo Place’s most beautiful and historic parks, featuring landscaped gardens, palaces, and cultural landmarks.

Highlights: Visit the Palace on the Isle, stroll through English and French-style gardens, and watch the famous Chopin concerts held at the Chopin Monument during summer weekends. Łazienki Park is perfect for both leisurely walks and cultural exploration.

Tips for Outdoor Exploration:

  • Pack Essentials: Bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and water for outdoor activities.
  • Check Events: Look for concerts, festivals, and outdoor markets held in parks during your visit.
  • Picnic Spots: Many parks allow picnicking, so consider packing a picnic basket for a relaxing outdoor meal.


Novo Place’s parks and outdoor spaces offer a blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and cultural experiences. Whether you prefer serene botanical gardens, expansive city parks, or historic landmarks set in green surroundings, these outdoor spots provide opportunities to relax, explore, and enjoy the outdoors during your visit to Novo Place.

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